No hidden agendas. No product sales.
Just an unwavering commitment to protect, and grow investments for your future.

About Bill Hopke

Bill Hopke is the founder of Ballardsville Investment Advisors, a State of Virginia Registered Investment Advisory firm. Bill is also an Investment Advisor Representative (CRD#873981) for Ballardsville. 

Bill is a financial professional with over 35 years of diverse investment and business experience, including:

  • Chief Operating Officer of Dominion Resources $2 billion investment subsidiary;
  • Portfolio Manager of institutional fixed income portfolios for Crestar Bank;
  • Member of the Board of Directors for over 10 public or private companies; 
  • Venture Capitalist acquiring and selling; 
  • CEO and Chairman of public video software company VUELIVE Inc.

Inside Corporate America
Much of Bill’s career was spent as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer managing a $2 billion portfolio of investments for a subsidiary of Dominion Virginia Power. As the COO, he was responsible for managing all investments. He became a member of the board of directors of 12 different private and public companies. Portfolio investments ranged from Bio-tech, Waste Management, Communications, Technology, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and the Veterinary industry. Bill was also Assistant Treasurer of Dominion Resources, responsible for negotiating numerous financings. Prior to joining Dominion, he was a Portfolio Manager for the former Crestar Bank (now Suntrust), co-managing a $1 Billion fixed income division and created unique strategies for hedging volatility.

Early Training
Bill began his career as a stockbroker – it wasn’t for him. He has a passion for the markets as many stockbrokers do, but it makes more sense to be paid on assets managed and not number of transactions.

Bill Hopke is also a successful entrepreneur. Starting new businesses or entering existing companies as a senior executive to re-position their products or services making them as valuable as possible for the benefit of investors. He spent the majority of his recent time in technology with web based systems such as – a web based golf reservation and point of sale system; and VUELIVE, Inc. – a web based video solution with proprietary compression and decompression algorithms.


Our Services

In the financial world today, there are basically two types of advice available to investors: brokerage accounts and advisory accounts. At Ballardsville Investment Advisors, we promise: No hidden agendas. No product sales. Just an unwavering commitment to protect, and grow investments for your future.


  • Investment advisors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of their clients at all times. Brokerage firms generally are not fiduciaries to their customers and therefore do not make decisions that are solely in their customers’ best interests.
  • Investment advisors provide their clients with a Form ADV that describes exactly how the investment advisor does business and obtains the client’s consent to any conflicts of interest that do exist in the investment advisor’s business. Brokerage firms are not required to provide customers with any comparable type of disclosure.
  • Investment advisors cannot trade with their clients as principal except in extremely limited circumstances. Brokerage firms often earn significant undisclosed profits by trading as principal with their customers.
  • Investment advisors charge clients a fee negotiated in advance and cannot earn any other profits from their clients without the clients’ prior consent. Most investment advisors are paid an asset-based fee, so their interests are aligned with their clients.
  • Brokerage firms’ revenues may increase even if the customers’ assets shrink. Investment advisors manage money in the best interests of their clients. They do not engage in other business activities like investment banking or underwriting, which brokerage firms do. These other businesses may cause a brokerage firm’s interest or attention to focus on other areas of the firm outside of their retail brokerage business and customers.

At Ballardsville Investment Advisors, we offer Corporate Insight and Strategies Benefiting Main Street Investors

With your investment needs as our primary focus, we will tailor your Individual Portfolios, IRA’s & Retirement for long-term success through:

  • Stocks, mutual funds and alternative investments.
  • Conservative strategies targeting return and downside protection.
  • A simple, straight forward management fee with NO commissions. Our only incentive is to increase your portfolio’s value!

How does Experience Translate into Portfolio Management for Individuals?

As a corporate executive responsible for a broad array of investments, having served as an officer and board member, Bill Hopke understand how companies operate from the inside-out. Combined with his Portfolio Management experience, Bill is uniquely qualified to help and benefit individuals with their own investment needs. Let’s set up an appointment to talk about your portfolio needs? There is no fee for the initial assessment. We charge a flat fee as a percentage of assets under management for my portfolio management services — no commissions and no hidden fees.

Discover how personalized investment and hedging strategies can benefit you by contacting us today!

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